Промышленный коммутатор ORing RGS-PR9000-LV

Производитель: ORing

Артикул: RGS-PR9000-LV

Цена: 11 724,77 руб. с НДС

Артикул : RGS-PR9000-LV

Гарантия, месяц : 60

Коммутатор промышленный модульный управляемый Gigabit Ethernet с 4 слотами , L3, 2×24/48VDC (20~72VDC), -20 ~70°С.

Технические характеристики:

ORing Switch Model RGS-PR9000-LV
Physical Ports
Slot Number 4 (up to 3 slots for 8x1G ports and 1 slot for 4x10G port)
Ethernet Standards IEEE 802.3 for 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u for 100Base-TX and 100Base-FX
IEEE 802.3ab for 1000Base-T
IEEE 802.z for 1000Base-X
IEEE 802.3ae for 10Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x for Flow control
IEEE 802.3ad for LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol )
IEEE 802.1p for COS (Class of Service)
IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging
IEEE 802.1w for RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
IEEE 802.1s for MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
IEEE 802.1x for Authentication
IEEE 802.1AB for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
MAC Table 32K
Priority Queues 8
Processing Store-and-Forward
Switch Properties Switching latency: 7 us
Switching bandwidth: 128Gbps
Max. Number of Available VLANs: 4095
VLAN ID Range : 1 to 4094
IGMP multicast groups: 128 for each VLAN
Port rate limiting: User Define
Jumbo frame Up to 10K Bytes
Security Featues Device Binding security feature
Enable/disable ports, MAC based port security
Port based network access control (802.1x)
MAC-based authentication
MAC address limit
VLAN (802.1Q ) to segregate and secure network traffic
Radius centralized password management
SNMPv3 encrypted authentication and access security
Https / SSH enhance network security
Web and CLI authentication and authorization
IP source guard
Software Features Hardware routing, RIP and static routing
IEEE 1588v2 clock synchronization
IEEE 802.1D Bridge, auto MAC address learning/aging and MAC address (static)
Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP)
MSTP (RSTP/STP compatible)
Redundant Ring (O-Ring) with recovery time less than 30ms over 250 units
TOS/Diffserv supported
Quality of Service (802.1p) for real-time traffic
VLAN (802.1Q) with VLAN tagging
IGMP v2/v3 Snooping
IP-based bandwidth management
Application-based QoS management
DOS/DDOS auto prevention
Port configuration, status, statistics, monitoring, security
DHCP Server/Client
DHCP Relay
Modbus TCP
SMTP Client
SNTP Server
Network Redundancy O-Ring
*note MRP
MSTP(RSTP/STP compatible)
RS-232 Serial Console Port RS-232 in RJ-45 connector with console cable. 115200bps, 8, N, 1
LED Indicators
Power Indicator (PWR) Green : Indicates that the system ready. The LED is blinking when the system is upgrading firmware
Power Indicator (PWR1 / PWR2) Green : Power LED x 2
Ring Master Indicator (R.M.) Green : Indicates that the system is operating in O-Ring Master mode
O-Ring Indicator (Ring) Green : Indicates that the system operating in O-Ring mode
Green Blinking : Indicates that the Ring is broken.
Fault Indicator (Fault) Amber : Indicate unexpected event occurred
Reset To Default Running Indicator (DEF) Green : System resets to default configuration
Supervisor Login Indicator (RMT) Green : System is accessed remotely
Smart LED Display system Link/Act(LK/ACT) / Speed(SPD) / Duplex(FDX) / Remote (RMT) green LED indicator x 4
Mode select Button (MODE) : Link/Act(LK/ACT) / Speed(SPD) / Duplex(FDX) / Remote (RMT) mode select button Port 1 ~ 28 Link/Act(LK/ACT) LED show : Green x 28
Fault Contact
Relay Relay output to carry capacity of 1A at 24VDC
Redundant power input modular Dual 24/48VDC (24~72VDC) power inputs at terminal block (Note 2)
Dual 100~240VAC / 100~370VDC power inputs at terminal block
Power Consumption (Typ.) 46Watts max. 43.5Watts max.
Overload Current Protection Present
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure 19 inches rack mountable
Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 (W) x 325 (D) x 44 (H) mm (17.32×12.8×1.73 inches)
Weight (g) 6450 g 6600 g
MTBF(mean time between failures)
Time 246,537hrs (Note 1)
246,537hrs (Note 1)
Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Operating Temperature
10G SFP+ module absent : -40 to 75°C
10G SFP+ module absent : -40 to 85°C
10G SFP+ module used: -20 to 60 °C
10G SFP+ module used: -20 to 50 °C
10G SFP+ module absent : -40 to 85°C
10G SFP+ module used: -20 to 60 °C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Regulatory Approvals
Power Automation IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613
EMI FCC Part 15, CISPR (EN55022) class A
EMS IEC61000-4-2 (ESD), IEC61000-4-3 (RS), IEC61000-4-4 (EFT), IEC61000-4-5 (Surge), IEC61000-4-6 (CS), IEC61000-4-8, IEC61000-4-11
EMC EN50121-4 (EN50121-1)
Safety UL 60950-1
Transport NEMA TS1&TS2
Warranty 5 years
Note 1: The value is calculated under the combination of 3 SWM-80GT and 1 SWM-04GP+ module.
Note 2: Different DC power input have different operating temperature.
*NOTE: This function is available by request only

*Сопровождающие товар фотографии и описание могут отличаться от оригинала. Производитель может изменять дизайн, технические характеристики и комплектацию изделия без уведомления об этом продавца. Уточняйте, пожалуйста, важные для Вас параметры при заказе.

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